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Experts: Price of a Frisco address continues growth

Major development in North Texas—one of Texas’ fastest-growing regions—is driving thousands of new people to work and live in Frisco every year. However that same development is driving the cost of land higher, which in turn is driving the cost of office space and housing higher.

“I’ve been in Frisco now for 20 years, and during that time real estate has continued to go up in cost and it hasn’t slowed Frisco down,” Frisco Economic Development Corp. President Jim Gandy said. “If you look across Frisco and go back a few years and look at where we are today, it’s part of the evolution of a growing city.”

Jim Breitenfeld, an associate with Henry S. Miller Brokerage, LLC, said the Dallas-Fort Worth market is one of the top five healthiest markets for commercial real estate in the country.

“We’re in this wonderful little bubble in D-FW relative to the rest of the country, but it’s almost like Frisco is another wonderful little bubble inside D-FW,” Breitenfeld said. “I don’t think there are conditions like this anywhere else in the country.” Show Full Story

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