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Storm-wrecked northwest Dallas center getting a redo

The Walnut Plaza West retail and showroom center was heavily damaged by last year's tornado.

A northwest Dallas commercial center that was wrecked by last year’s tornado is getting a complete rebuild.

The Walnut Plaza West retail and showroom center is at the southeast corner of Walnut Hill Lane and Denton Drive.

Built in 1971, the more than 85,000-square-foot project took a direct hit from the October storm.

“After almost one year since the devastating tornado hit, and things are finally starting to happen,” said Larry Robbins, senior vice president with Capstone Commercial. “The center building was a total loss and was demolished.”

Preleasing is underway. Robbins is leasing the project, which he said is about 60 days away from completion. “None of the previous tenants are returning,” he said. “It’s a whole new ballgame.”

Several spaces in the project have already been rented.

Located near a DART commuter rail station, the property is owned by a local investor.

Last fall’s tornado tore a path through North Dallas to Garland and did more than $2 billion in damage.

Owners are still making repairs after damage done by the storm.

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